Claws n Paws Update

Claws n Paws has had a busy couple of months in the cat department – we have been rescuing on average 8 kittens and cats a week and thanks to super foster carers Lauren and Lorena we are re-homing them just as quickly.

We have also been lucky enough to rescue 6 pointer x pups – 4 are still available for purchase and a few adult dogs as well.

We desperately need carers that are happy to take on adult cats and adult dogs – they always take a bit longer to rehome but they are so easy to look after and they are the ones that need rescuing more than anything.

Health wise we have had quite a lot of vet visits with kitty diarrhea – there seems to be a bug going around that is affecting the tiny ones. Often we get kittens that are barely 4 weeks old that have been taken off mum too early – they have very weak immune systems and they don’t always pull through – we unfortunately have lost a few kittens in the last few weeks (and a few broken carers hearts) to this gastro bug despite great veterinary care. Kittens tend to be difficult health wise in the early weeks without their mummas.

Lauren and Lorena has both kindly rescued mums with kittens and these lovely mums will often feed other kittens as well as their own which makes a big difference health wise. We have mainly been rescuing from Wyong pound and Hawkesbury pounds of late – they are keeping us well stocked with cats and kittens.

We have rescued a few dogs from Gosford Dog Paws which is the old Gosford Pound – they run a very clean facility and offer great animal care. I am hoping as the weather cools there will be less kittens and pups in the pounds and we can focus on rescuing from lovely juveniles and adults. A big thank you to our volunteer drivers Denise and Jasmin who have been doing pound pick ups and vet visits.

Also thanks to Kath from A Dash of Lime Design for our very popular new logo and Nicole from Picasso Media for the wonderful
new website.

We have also had quite a few new foster carers come on board which is fantastic – the more the merrier!

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